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6 June 2011
Paesaggi fiorentini's Florence Travel Forum is now online
It's a forum dedicated to travelers in Florence, Italy, published by Paesaggi fiorentini.
Here you'll can find and share informations about your tour in the Renaissance City.
Florentine travel operators can participate as well; their contribute [if transparent and honest] is highly appreciated.

Posted: Jul 26, 2011 12:55:42 pm

Ottica Fontani crossed my way in several, and distinct, times.

At the beginning, many years ago, I wasn't born yet, and photography was not a mass art; my father had a good Rolleiflex camera, the model with two lenses; and had also a good cinecamera, with the ancient 8 film format (or Super 8? I'm not sure). Anyway, he didn't live in Florence, but one day he was here for some reason and shot a movie, and took the film to Ottica Fontani to develop it. When they did the work, someone of the shop gave the developed film saying "Aaahh... this is a movie!". He was very happy. And he told me this tale many times.

In the last years, about ten years ago, when I started to live in Florence, I asked to a Florentine friend about a good photo store in town, because I needed a tripod. And he told ad bout Ottica Fontani, near Fortezza.
So Fontani became my place for all the photo works. There were chemical films, digital system was still far; so I was in the shop after any trip to develop my films too, waiting the results with impatience.

All this to say that I find its quality and assortiment good, and prices quite cheap. So I recommend it, if you need a good photo store in Florence:

Ottica Fontani


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