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Welcome to Florence, Italy.
My name is Flavio, Florentine resident since 2001. My grandparents and my mother came from here; and I really love this town, its art spreads in the air everyday and lights are made golden by the sun and the reflections. is my work to provide informations and services for genuine vacations in Florence: far away from mass-tours and characterized, instead, by a rich cultural atmosphere.
I like to see tourism as a pleasant moment of exchange, useful for the culture of both the traveler and the host. The taste of a travel can be marvelous if you find a real local accomodation - a nice apartment, managed by the owner, for vacation rentals or a lovely hotel for daily journeys. And gastronomic knowledge is important to feel the taste of a place, so a good restaurant is another basic chapter.
Suggestions about some interesting activity to do in town could form a practical guide; and fine art photography is a method to know the artistical feelings which a place can transmit.
Almost everything that is contained in these pages is my own work: photos, graphics, texts, and also html code. I worked a lot around this project, and hope that something can result useful for your holiday.
Have a nice trip!
Firenze, 31 March 2011 Flavio Bassi